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First Poem on returning to Nigeria ‏   August 26 /2014


I watch as he watches you

                        Ifeoma Chinwuba


Through high clouds I reach continents

where leaves fall

& I pluck them up

to write in my own language

a new verse

from streets of cities I’ve revisited

in their mighty muffled drums

as rose stems and traffic

of whirlwinds blowing

inside my open empty pupils

collect cricket sounds

and food aromas

while breathing lover’s


in their own circumstances

to meet my aisles

in their passionate expressions

as my arms stretch out

to their morning dew

and redemption

by the groundnut plants

of divination

at the webs of time

thereby soiled to

the amulets of songs

when dawn meets

them in communion

with these language lines

as I start to leave right now

for a new airport

to fable again

with all my

A OCampo